Jennifer is committed to sharing the gift of art and encourages others to develop their own expressive talents through annual workshops she brings to Watertown, SD.  These workshops often feature nationally renowned artists. 

Jennifer has expanded her teaching schedule to accommodate small group workshops either at her studio or your location.  For more information regarding her availability, workshop curriculums, and pricing, please contact me.

Out of the box - negative painting

April 16-17 - filled
April 18-19 - limited space available

Simply SIsters, Richmond, mn

CONTACT: Holly Raush • 320-309-8006

Making collage and a painting

May 28-31, 2019

Dillman’s Bay Resort & Workshops

Instructor: Jennifer Stone


Creating original collage papers to suit your needs can be fun, exciting and gratifying! In this workshop, the students will be given multiple ways to create beautiful, original collage. These papers may be used in many ways, paintings, cards, books, etc. Do you want to create art that is unique to you? By carving and making stamps with your own designs, and using stencils as well, you can create papers that meet your needs. Oftentimes, it’s a surprise to you as well! 

After making collage papers, we will build design studies with a layering process. This is a fun way to learn design, the capabilities of your papers and create a painting in the process! It’s always exciting to watch the students put together these little paintings with their own original collage. These studies are a prelude to utilizing your collage in an original painting. The final day, the students are free to create their own paintings, whether it be incorporating collage into their work or building a painting with collage and enhancing it with paint. Numerous demos and individual assistance will be ongoing. It is my hope to introduce you to another medium to factor into your work!

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JUNE 20-22,2019    


CONTACT: Jan Stromsborg •


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This watercolor workshop will be geared for those that are intimidated by that "white piece of paper", and who aren't into sketching! It's a fun way to approach a painting!  We will work with a non sketching type of drawing and work mainly with negative painting. I will demonstrate color sanding with watercolor pencils to enhance areas and add texture. A quick lesson on negative painting will be introduced at the beginning of the workshop to either refresh or teach you the basics. It's all fun!

Watercolor - OUtside the box and pours

August 20-22

Cormorant, mn

CONTACT: Helen Liamson • 701-809-8891

Watercolor with mixed media and added bonus - Alcohol inks

October 2-4

Paramount Center for the arts, St. Cloud, mn

CONTACT: Derick Segerstrom • 320-257-5928

Making collage and a painting

October 16-19

Mid-Southern Watercolorists, Little Rock, AR

CONTACT: Paula Kalina •

Making collage and a painting

September 16-20, 2020

Leading Edge Art workshops, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

CONTACT: Louise Hall •